'More than living - How Community-Led Housing at scale could transform the Growth Agenda for communities across the East of England'

Monday 25 October 2021, 2pm, via Zoom

The East of England Local Government Association (EELGA) and Eastern Community Homes would like to invite you to an online webinar to explore community-led housing at scale.

About this event

The East of England Local Government Association and Eastern Community Homes (the advice and support hub for community-led housing in the East of England) have worked together to develop and deliver this online webinar to explore community-led housing at scale and how we can use this to shape the Growth Agenda across the East. The event will be chaired by Councillor Matthew Hicks the Leader of Suffolk County Council and Chair of the EELGA Infrastructure and Growth Panel.

Attendees will learn about emerging large-scale community-led housing developments in the UK, including a case study from Oxfordshire, and also hear from overseas colleagues regarding a highly successful, large scale, cooperative and non-profit housing development in the City of Zurich in Switzerland.

It is hoped that by looking at successful examples of large-scale community-led housing development elsewhere, we can develop our own response to community-led housing as part of the growth agenda in the East of England.


When and where

This is an online event taking place by Zoom on Monday 25 October at 2pm. The event is scheduled to last no more than 90 minutes.

Full details on how to join the session will be sent to everyone who registers ahead of the session. To book a place please complete the registration form.


What should I expect?

Following some scene-setting regarding the state of community-led housing at scale in the UK, attendees will hear from Charlie Fisher from Transition by Design, a Design and Architecture Cooperative in Oxford, who will talk about The Paper Mill, a large scale community led project in Oxfordshire and then from Andrea Wieland, Managing Director of the Mehr Als Wohnen (More than living) Housing Co-operative and from Alex Martinovitz, the City of Zurich's representative on the Co-operative's Board. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session involving our panel of expert speakers.

Our intention is to:

  • Inform attendees of large-scale approaches to community-led housing;
  • Share experience of what works and does not work;
  • Engage attendees in a discussion on strategic planning issues for community-led housing across the East of England.


Who should attend?

This event will be of interest to any individual or organisation with an interest in furthering community-led housing and understanding how it might help meet the growth agenda for the region. This will include:

  • Local Authority Members and Portfolio Holders for areas such as housing, planning and growth;
  • Local Authority Chief Executives and Officers, particularly those dealing with strategic housing and planning policy;
  • Community-led housing groups in the East of England;
  • Anyone else with an interest in this topic.


Any questions?

We hope you can join us. Please forward this invitation to anyone else you know who may have an interest in this subject area or who might wish to contribute to our discussion.

If you have any questions or need further support to register, please contact Jenna Brame at Cambridgeshire ACRE by phone on 01353 865022 or email at


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